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On Relationships

When Ya’ll Getting Married Tho?

  I’m a listener. I listen to people’s problems, I listen to what my friends have to say about their life, about themselves, their siblings, their jobs, their classes, their parents, their home life, the good things and bad things. It’s not because I have to, I genuinely like to hear people’s stories.  But I have to say the topic of relationships makes it to the top three.  It’s probably because people know that I’ve been with my boyfriend since I…

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Like clockwork, she scheduled her nail appointment for today, Tuesday at 5.00 PM right after her shift at work ends. She deserves it. She could wait another week more–her nails…

On Motivation

We Are Colors

In the midst of the unfortunate series of events that has been unfolding, I ask you to not give up the hope for a better state of being, to never…

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I ask every student I tutor, “Do you enjoy reading?” They look up at me from their phones internally preparing themselves for their English tutor’s overdramatic reaction when they say, “I…