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Laugh Without Fear

I have reached that age when I just laugh if people ask me whether I have a boyfriend yet or how many kids I want to have in the future. Like, calm down. 💁🏻 Take a breath, grab a seat, and relax. Let me clarify a few things. AHEM. There is no point in worrying about me. I repeat: there is no point in worrying about me.  I may not have it all figured out just yet, but I am…

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On Motivation

We Are Colors

In the midst of the unfortunate series of events that has been unfolding, I ask you to not give up the hope for a better state of being, to never…

Essays & Thoughts, On Motivation


I ask every student I tutor, “Do you enjoy reading?” They look up at me from their phones internally preparing themselves for their English tutor’s overdramatic reaction when they say, “I…