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Minimalism: Balance, Process, and Prioritize

Minimalism :: Part 003 by Justine AllreadSeveral articles have drawn a correlation between mess and genius–messy desks, sleepless nights, poor handwriting–all are indicators of genius. I would like to suggest a reversal: mess does not indicate genius, rather genius creates mess. The reversal is important because the initial statement is an excuse to maintain an unsatisfactory status quo. Too often I’ve heard people say, “Oh, my handwriting’s not neat, but it’s not my fault you can’t read it.” or “Mom, I can’t…

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Storytelling, Tomfoolery & Shenanigans


repost from Justine Allread's tumblrThe little girl stared at Justine as she walked toward the swing. Unapologetically, Justine remained seated in the swing bidding the girl take the free swing…

Dear Courage, Essays & Thoughts

Dear Girls

For the Girls Learning to be Women, by Milly Pinkos To the Women in Process, We are taught many things, not all of them good. We’re taught to be polite…

Entertainment, Film & Television

The Witness

"I Am Not Your Negro" — A Film Review by Jasmine Kabera Director Raoul Peck brings us I Am Not Your Negro: a prophetic, emotional, and critical look at “race…

Dear Courage, Essays & Thoughts

Dear Heart

by Milly Pinkos To my Heart, Why are you so difficult? So unsure, so diffident, so voracious and compulsive? You are so many things, but I’m just one gal. Sometimes…

Poetry, Storytelling

Q & A

A Poem by Justine Allread. “How are you?” well enough. “What’ve you been up to?” mostly sleeping and eating. “Isn’t the weather beautiful outside.” yes, but global warming-. “The sun…