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    repost from Justine Allread's tumblrThe little girl stared at Justine as she walked toward the swing. Unapologetically, Justine remained seated in the swing bidding the girl take the free swing beside…

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    Q & A

    A Poem by Justine Allread. “How are you?” well enough. “What’ve you been up to?” mostly sleeping and eating. “Isn’t the weather beautiful outside.” yes, but global warming-. “The sun is…

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    A Short Story by Justine AllreadLike clockwork, she scheduled her nail appointment for today, Tuesday at 5.00 PM right after her shift at work ends. She deserves it. She could wait…

  • Fiction, Storytelling, Tomfoolery & Shenanigans

    Oh, please

    Oh, my god, he thought, half-giddy with panic, she-she messaged me first. She. Me. First. Oh, my god. He stared at his phone like GoogleMaps had automatically set a course to Atlantis,…

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    I ask every student I tutor, “Do you enjoy reading?” They look up at me from their phones internally preparing themselves for their English tutor’s overdramatic reaction when they say, “I don’t…