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    Q & A

    A Poem by Justine Allread. “How are you?” well enough. “What’ve you been up to?” mostly sleeping and eating. “Isn’t the weather beautiful outside.” yes, but global warming-. “The sun is…

  • Fiction, Storytelling, Tomfoolery & Shenanigans


    A Short Story by Justine AllreadLike clockwork, she scheduled her nail appointment for today, Tuesday at 5.00 PM right after her shift at work ends. She deserves it. She could wait…

  • Fiction, Storytelling, Tomfoolery & Shenanigans

    Oh, please

    Oh, my god, he thought, half-giddy with panic, she-she messaged me first. She. Me. First. Oh, my god. He stared at his phone like GoogleMaps had automatically set a course to Atlantis,…

  • Essays & Thoughts, On Motivation


    I ask every student I tutor, “Do you enjoy reading?” They look up at me from their phones internally preparing themselves for their English tutor’s overdramatic reaction when they say, “I don’t…

  • Essays & Thoughts, On Jobs & Careers

    My Dream Job.

    The last job I had made everyone say “Oh, that’s interesting! What a cool job!” but every burst of admiration made me wilt. I did not feel the same way about…

  • Essays & Thoughts, On Jobs & Careers


    I hate playing Monopoly. When I was younger, at one of my family parties, my older cousin and I were paired as a team to play Monopoly. He insisted we buy everything…