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    Dear Heart

    by Milly Pinkos To my Heart, Why are you so difficult? So unsure, so diffident, so voracious and compulsive? You are so many things, but I’m just one gal. Sometimes I…

  • Essays & Thoughts

    25 Years Young

    The Quarter-Century Conundrum by Julianne Day Ignacio “You are now quarter of a century old,” my mother told me during my birthday dinner on Sunday, February 8th, just before we were…

  • Storytelling, Uncategorized

    In Medias Res

    When I was trying to explain the concept, title, and tagline of Verge of Verse during casual conversations with friends and family, a few people have asked me, “What does ‘in medias res’…

  • Poetry, Storytelling

    Vagabond Verse

    Rhythm and rhyme with so little time. I haven’t done this type of written experimentation in a while, not since the poetry workshop I took right before I graduated college. I…

  • Poetry, Storytelling

    Cold Sweater

    When you’re stuck in a creative funk and need something to write about, you might start focusing inwards and comparing those emotions to everyday objects. Then somehow you end up scribbling…