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Vagabond Verse

Rhythm and rhyme with so little time.

I haven’t done this type of written experimentation in a while, not since the poetry workshop I took right before I graduated college. I miss the class, and I’m contemplating joining another workshop soon. It’s been a while, but at least the flow is coming back to me, faster than my pen can capture the speed of my thoughts. It was just a matter of tapering the timing along with the sounds rolling off my lips as I tried to figure out a good rhyme scheme. When I was done, I read it out loud and asked my sister for a second opinion.

“You recited that like you were a rapper,” my sister said.

I laughed. I didn’t know how else to react.

I suppose that it’s a good start, an affirmation that I’m messing with words in the right combinations. I’m not sure yet about performing any spoken word pieces, but at least I know I have the potential to pen some good material for the future.

Vagabond Verse


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