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    Q & A

    A Poem by Justine Allread. “How are you?” well enough. “What’ve you been up to?” mostly sleeping and eating. “Isn’t the weather beautiful outside.” yes, but global warming-. “The sun is…

  • Poetry, Storytelling

    In the Midst of Reinventing

    Cue the cycles of second-guessing all the shots at a future flashing forward. Confronting confusion and confessions of I can’t, I could have, I would have, but should have. You want it…

  • Poetry, Storytelling


    The fluidity of feeling overflows in a maelstrom spun around in cycles of choices swirling dreams of love, passion, creativity, success at the bottom of a chipped teacup she cradles in…

  • Poetry, Storytelling

    Vagabond Verse

    Rhythm and rhyme with so little time. I haven’t done this type of written experimentation in a while, not since the poetry workshop I took right before I graduated college. I…

  • Poetry, Storytelling

    Cold Sweater

    When you’re stuck in a creative funk and need something to write about, you might start focusing inwards and comparing those emotions to everyday objects. Then somehow you end up scribbling…

  • Poetry, Storytelling

    Trick of Light

    Light may lead us to truth, but even the candle’s flame bends shadows now and then. —Julianne Day Ignacio…