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Pre-Production Storyboard for Short Film Project


So this was another new experience: I learned how to use a SONY NX-70U camera to capture video. It’s always an odd feeling, knowing that you’re doing everything according to plan (well, sort of) and that you’ve caught up on the readings to understand the concepts, yet you’re still not entirely sure what you’re doing because you keep thinking to yourself, “I’m such a newbie at this.”

You’ve done your equipment set-up correctly, and you have your props and your actors ready to film the scene, and you’re essentially the director. You’re the one showing them the stage directions and yelling “ACTION!” and “CUT!” in between scenes as you try to capture different compositional and lighting shots. But you still feel like you’re doing something strange within the confines of a two-minute video. Diving directly into the filmmaking process is a foreign and novel feeling for me. Upon further reflection, it’s not the technology that I’m afraid of, but rather the thought of screwing something up if I don’t things right the first time, as it’s going to affect the editing process in post-production.

Even now, with this raw sketch of a storyboard I drew, I have wondered many times whether I need to necessarily stick to each image, frame-by-frame, or if I might have to make some changes later on. Although I haven’t posted the dialogue, hopefully you can kind of get the idea of what kind of story I was going for in this storyboard with regards to the theme of miscommunication.

(As you can also tell, it’s been a quite a few years since I’ve taken an art class. Pardon the misshapen illustrations and funny-looking faces on the characters.)

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